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Oracle 10 EE (6CPU) on HPUX 11i v3

Kamrowski Przemyslaw
Occasional Contributor

Oracle 10 EE (6CPU) on HPUX 11i v3

Please ensure me that C++ compiler is required for Oracle 10 EE on HPUX 11i v3.
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Re: Oracle 10 EE (6CPU) on HPUX 11i v3

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Duncan Edmonstone
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle 10 EE (6CPU) on HPUX 11i v3

yes??? what does yes mean?

For a start its wrong the correct answer is 'it depends'.

If you want or need to do Oracle ProC, ProC++ or OCI development work on your system, then you need the HP-UX C/C++ compiler.

If you have no need or desier to do actual development work using the above tools, then there is absolutely no need to purchase the HP-UX C/C++ compiler.

The oracle installer can be a bit misleading with this cos it states it wants patches for the compiler, but thi is just beacuse the default install of Enterprise edition installs ProC/C++, so it assumes you want to do development.

If all you intend to use Oracle for is a straight database with no development acrivities on the same host, you don't need the compiler.

Hopefully thats the answer you were looking for, not 'yes'.




Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Oracle 10 EE (6CPU) on HPUX 11i v3

You only need aCC_link if you are installing Oracle EBS. This new driver is available with the March HP-UX 11i v3 Update 2.

Otherwise what Duncan said.
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Re: Oracle 10 EE (6CPU) on HPUX 11i v3


I also agree with Duncan, during the installation you can ignore the error messages during the verification process. If you are not planning to use Pro*C etc then this will not be required.

all the best

kind regards
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