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Oracle 10G Patches for HPUX 11.23

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Oracle 10G Patches for HPUX 11.23

What are the patches for 11.23 that are requeriment for Oracle 10.2?
Shrikant Lavhate
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Re: Oracle 10G Patches for HPUX 11.23


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Re: Oracle 10G Patches for HPUX 11.23

hi Rizwan,

In general, you should always refer to the installation guide of the Oracle Software.

There are a list of pre-installation steps that lists down all the requirements in terms of patches and other kernel level changes.

There is also a script available on Oracle metalink (RDA), that allows you to verify your environment and report if it is ready for the installation.

if you need any further assistance, please do let us know.

kind regards
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Sajjad Sahir
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Re: Oracle 10G Patches for HPUX 11.23

These are patches normally installing with a lot of additional patches so u should have to read oracle installation manual
and other things pls send to us

Required HP-UX Patches
HP-UX 11.23 (Integrity & PA-RISC):

â ¢ HP-UX B.11.23.0409 or later

â ¢ Patch Bundle for HP-UX 11i V2: BUNDLE11i_B.11.23.0409.3 (Note: patch bundle BUNDLE11i_B.11.23.0408.1 (Aug/2004) is a prerequisite for installing BUNDLE11i_B.11.23.0409.3)
â ¢ Quality Pack Bundle:
o Latest patch bundle: Quality Pack Patches for HP-UX 11i v2, May 2005
â ¢ HP-UX 11.23 Patches:
o PHCO_32426 Reboot(1M) cumulative patch
o PHCO_34208 11.23 cumulative SAM patch [replaces PHCO_31820]
o PHCO_34195 11.23 kernel configuration commands patch [replaces PHCO_33385]
o PHCO_35048 11.23 libsec cumulative patch
o PHKL_32646 wsio.h header file patch
o PHKL_33025 11.23 file system tunables cumulative patch
o PHKL_34907 Message Signaled Interrupts (MSI and MSI-X) [replaces PHKL_32632,PHKL_33807,PHKL_34430]
o PHKL_34479 WSIO (IO) subsystem MSI/MSI-X/WC Patch [replaces PHKL_32645]
o PHKL_35229 VM Copy on write data corruption fix [replaces PHKL_33552,PHKL_33563,PHKL_34596]
o PHNE_35182 11.23 cumulative ARPA Transport patch
o PHSS_34859 11.23 Integrity Unwind Library [replaces PHSS_31851,PHSS_34043]
o PHSS_34858 11.23 linker + fdp cumulative patch [replaces PHSS_34040,PHSS_33275,PHSS_31849,PHSS_34440]
o PHSS_34444 11.23 assembler patch [replaces PHSS_31850,PHSS_34044]
o PHSS_34445 11.23 milli cumulative patch [replaces PHSS_31854,PHSS_34045]
o PHSS_34853 11.23 Math Library Cumulative Patch [replaces PHSS_33276,PHSS_34042]
o PHNE_35182 11.23 cumulative ARPA Transport patch [replaces PHNE_34671]

â ¢ ANSI + C++ patches:
o PHSS_32511 11.23 HP aC++ Compiler (A.03.63)
o PHSS_32512 11.23 ANSI C compiler B.11.11.12 cumulative patch
o PHSS_32513 11.23 +O4/PBO Compiler B.11.11.12 cumulative patch
o PHSS_35055 11.23 aC++ Runtime [replaces PHSS_31855,PHSS_34041,PHSS_31852]
â ¢ JDK patches:
o PHCO_34944 11.23 pthread library cumulative patch [replaces PHCO_31553,PHCO_33675,PHCO_34718]
o PHSS_35045 11.23 Aries cumulative patch [replaces PHSS_32213,PHSS_34201]
o PHKL_31500 11.23 Sept04 base patch
o check for additional patches that may be required by JDK.

â ¢ Serviceguard 11.17 and OS Patches (optional, only if you want to use Serviceguard):
o PHCO_32426 11.23 reboot(1M) cumulative patch
o PHCO_35048 11.23 libsec cumulative patch [replaces PHCO_34740]
o PHSS_33838 11.23 Serviceguard eRAC A.11.17.00
o PHSS_33839 11.23 COM B.04.00.00
o PHSS_35371 11.23 Serviceguard A.11.17.00 [replaces PHSS_33840]
o PHKL_34213 11.23 vPars CPU migr, cumulative shutdown patch
o PHKL_35420 11.23 Overtemp shutdown / Serviceguard failover

â ¢ LVM patches:
o PHCO_35063 11.23 LVM commands patch; required patch to enable the Single Node Online Volume Reconfiguration (SNOR) functionality [replaces PHCO_34036,PHCO_34421]
o PHKL_34094 LVM Cumulative Patch [replaces PHKL_34094]

â ¢ C and C++ patches for PL/SQL native compilation, Pro*C/C++, Oracle Call Interface, Oracle C++ Call Interface, Oracle XML Developer's Kit (XDK):
o PHSS_33277 11.23 HP C Compiler (A.06.02)
o PHSS_33278 11.23 aC++ Compiler (A.06.02)
o PHSS_33279 11.23 u2comp/be/plugin library patch

Re: Oracle 10G Patches for HPUX 11.23

Thanks all for your help.