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Oracle 10g Clustering on HP-UX_B.11.11_64

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Oracle 10g Clustering on HP-UX_B.11.11_64

we have 2 X HP RP5470 with 4 X 750MHz CPUs , 8GB RAM, 4 X 36GB LVD HDD for each we use 1 SAN switch 2/8 with Virtual Array 7110 storage (15 X 72GB FC 10K HDD).

1-We installed all the required patches that oracle says we should apply to the operating system (HP-UX_B.11.11_64) accourding to Oracle installation documents.

2-We also set the kernel parameters.

3-Then we chose too use ASM file system on the
shared was because we do not have Service guard extension for RAC.

4-PROBLEM:When The installer wants to access the storage during the installation proceess for creating datafiles on shared storage it takes so much time.

5-we checked for speed mismatch on san and it was ok. I do not know much about FC topology is it possible it is becuase of FC topology setting.
is there any useful document to understand this FC topology thing.

6- another problem is that we can not connect to SAN switch with hyper terminal or through network(very strange!!!)

any helps and suggestions would be appriciated.

buy the way Do you think that we should do this with serviceguard and SeExtension for RAC to get better performance?
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Re: Oracle 10g Clustering on HP-UX_B.11.11_64

Not all serial cables are the same.
Use the Brocade serial cable if you have it.
Set HyperTerm to to proper COM port (COM1, COM2, etc.) and configure to 9600/8N1.
Turn off Hardware Flow Control -- I use Xon/Xoff so that I can stop/start output to the screen via ctl-S/ctl-Q.

Once in, you should be able to get the IP address of the switch via 'ipaddrshow'
Set it to one that is proper for your network via 'ipaddrset', then telnet should work.

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Re: Oracle 10g Clustering on HP-UX_B.11.11_64

Hi Reza

Try to install HP-UX version jun 2003 and exactly all the patches Oracle Document said. you need additional java patches that they did not write in CRS document.
I had a same problem as you and i did not find the solution. but i think reinstallation will be useful.