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Oracle 11g on HPUX 11.31

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Oracle 11g on HPUX 11.31

A third party application vendor complained that installation of Oracle DB took more than one and half hour and BI took more than 3 hours on on an HP Integrity 6600  with 2 Dual Cores 1.6 processors and 16GB RAM.

All prerequisites for Oracle DB and BI have been installed prior to handing over the server to the application vendor.


Anybody encountered such issues?



Re: Oracle 11g on HPUX 11.31

1.5 hours doesn't seem an unreasonable time for an Oracle install to me. What were they expecting it to be? An Oracle install doesn't just "copy files", there's a lot of uncompressing and linking going on to


I've no experience of installing Oracle BI, so no comment there.

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