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Oracle 8i/9i for HP-UX ( 32 bit )

Frequent Advisor

Oracle 8i/9i for HP-UX ( 32 bit )

I have a one test server D330 , 384 MB Memory.

To learn oracle DBA , I am searching Oracle 8i/9i database server software from OTN .

The Oracle 8i available on OTN for Hp-ux is for 64 bit , My server hardware support only 32 bit . I tried to install using Oracle 8i /64 bit software , but no luck.

I need your help from where I can get Oracle8i/9i -32 bit for Hp-ux.

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Re: Oracle 8i/9i for HP-UX ( 32 bit )

Check to see whether you can upgrade your server:

In addition, 8i is going to be obsoleted by the end of this year.
Stefan Schulz
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle 8i/9i for HP-UX ( 32 bit )


i can't tell you where to get the 8i/32 Bit, but it is available. You might want to contact Oracle directly.

Oracle 9i is only available in a 64Bit version. There is no 32Bit Version of 9i, so you have to go for 8i.

Hope this helps

Regards Stefan

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Yago Hernandez
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Re: Oracle 8i/9i for HP-UX ( 32 bit )

Oracle has retired the 32-bit 8i software from the OTN downloads, but you are still able to order it by opening a TAR (technical assistance request) at (if you have a valid support contract).

Anyway, the support for the 8i database will end on dic 31th 2004, so if I were you I would open my case with Oracle ASAP.


Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Oracle 8i/9i for HP-UX ( 32 bit )

You don't have enough memory to run the OS and Oracle. You'll need at least twice the memory to do it, even if you had a 32 bit version of Oracle database server.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation