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Oracle 8i kernel parameters

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Rob Thompson_7
Occasional Advisor

Oracle 8i kernel parameters

Hi Everyone,
I have an N-Class 9000 that is running Oracle 8i financials. I have been asked to check to see if all tunable kernel parameters are set correctly. The DBA's are not helping out with this too much. Does anyone have any recommendations for this type of configuration? (besides just seeing what Oracle recommends?)
Cheryl Griffin
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle 8i kernel parameters

The recommended kernel parameters are found on oracle's metalink in the release notes for the oracle version under System Requirements.

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Geoff Wild
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle 8i kernel parameters

I followed this:

Oracle 8i Requirements on HP-UX

Minimum 256Mb memory

Swap space - minimum 2X physical memory

Disk space for oracle installation - 1.5GB available space (NOT allocated) + 400MB free space in /tmp

Require access to the following executables: ar, cc, ld, make, nm which should be in /usr/ccs/bin

/usr/ccs/bin should be in path for oracle userid.

oracle userid should have primary group of oinstall and secondary group of dba.

If you need the Apache webserver, then JDK 1.2 or greater is required.

If you need oracle interMedia option, then extra space is required for the system tablespace.

These are MINIMUMS:

UNIX System Configuration

Table 2-1 summarizes the requirements for installing Oracle8i on your HP-UX

system. If your system fails to satisfy any listed requirement, perform the tasks

listed on page 2-4 as necessary to configure your system to meet these requirements.

Table 2-1 UNIX System Configuration Summary

System Factor Requirement for Oracle8i

UNIX Kernel Parameters:

Shared Memory

Use the System Administratorâ s Menu (SAM) to configure the HP-UX kernel with the minimum recommended values.


This setting does not affect how much shared memory is needed or used by Oracle8i or the operating system. It is

used only to indicate the maximum allowable size. This setting also does not impact operating system kernel resources.




Semaphores SEMMNI 70

Set the number of semaphore set identifiers in the system. SEMMNI determines the number of semaphore sets

which can be created at any one time.

The PROCESSES parameter can be found in each initsid.ora file, located in the $ORACLE_HOME/dbs directory. The

default value of PROCESSES for the preconfigured database created by Oracle Database Configuration Assistant is 50.


Set the number of semaphores in the system to 200. The default value of SEMMNS is 128, which is, in most cases, too low for Oracle.

Threads MAX_THREAD_PROC 256 or more

Set the maximum number of threads per process to 256 or more. The default value

of MAX_THREAD_PROC is 64, which is, in most cases, too low for Oracle.

Note: If any of the kernel parameters above are less than your current values, continue to

use the current value. These are the requirements for Oracle8i only. If you have other

programs which use shared memory and semaphores, you will need to adjust the values

accordingly. Take into account that a system reboot is necessary for kernel changes to take

effect when planning for current and future database requirements.

Mount Points (Storage Devices)

Oracle Universal Installer requires only two mount points: one for the software, and one for the database files. An Optimal

Flexible Architecture (OFA)-compliant database requires at least four mount points, all at the same level of the directory

structure. One is for the software, three are for database files. See the Oracle8i Administratorâ s Reference for information on

implementing OFA on UNIX.

UNIX Groups for Oracle


A UNIX group is required for the OSDBA role. This book assumes that the group is named dba. The OSOPER role may

belong to the same group as the OSDBA or to a different group.

Special UNIX Group to own the Oracle Universal Installer oraInventory

All users installing Oracle products in any ORACLE_HOME should have oinstall set as their primary UNIX group. The

Installerâ s inventory is shared by all ORACLE_HOMEs on a system and is group-writable. Install Oracle products with

oinstall set as the current group.

UNIX Accounts

A UNIX account that is dedicated solely to installing and upgrading Oracle products. The account should have the

oinstall group as its primary group and the OSDBA group as a secondary group. This book assumes that the installer owner is

called oinstall and the OSDBA account is called oracle.

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Re: Oracle 8i kernel parameters

Read the doc

Best Rgs

Rob Thompson_7
Occasional Advisor

Re: Oracle 8i kernel parameters

Thanks Alexandr, Looks like I need to spend some time going through this.