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Oracle 8i on HPUX11

Sushil Kumar Gupta
Occasional Visitor

Oracle 8i on HPUX11

We have ORACLE 8i , We need to mount this Installation CD using pfs_mount at it is in rrip format. But while mounting we are getting error
mount on /dev/dsk/c0t2d0 on /SD_CDROM : not rrip
giving up on /SD_CDROM

But we are able to load the cd in is9660 format but this will not work as long file names are not supported. When contacted oracle they have replied that there is a bug in 11.0 regarding this issue and BUG NO: 5003317164, (unfortunately they did not give me the solution number).

Thanks in advance


Berlene Herren
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle 8i on HPUX11

Did you try with these options?

/etc/pfs_fstab : /dev/dsk/c2t3d0 /cdrom pfs-rrip xlat=unix 0

I saw the report you mentioned but it did not include the rrip format, but something about being in too many groups.

Dale McNamara
Frequent Advisor

Re: Oracle 8i on HPUX11

here are the instructions we provide to our centers for setting up PFS to install oracle. Hope this helps.

Media Setup. Oracle utilizes the PFS file system for the CD-ROM installation media. There are specific steps that are necessary prior to using the CD-ROM media.

PFS Setup. A file, pfs_fstab, is required with the /etc directory in order to utilize the PFS file system. This file is similar to the fstab file. Within this file is the device information for the CD-ROM.

Create the pfs_fstab file with this entry:

/dev/rdsk/c4t2d0 /SD_CDROM pfs-rrip xlat=unix 0 0

PFS daemons. There are two background daemons that are required to be started in order to utilize the PFS file system; pfs_mountd and pfsd. These daemons should be started from within the /tmp directory for the output file.

Start the daemons in the background with nohup as follows. Any output from the pfs operations will be placed in the output file nohup.out within the /tmp directory.

nohup pfs_mountd &
nohup pfsd &

The CD-ROM can now be mounted with PFS. To mount the CD-ROM, run the following command. After the mount command, the CD-ROM is available.

pfs_mount /SD_CDROM
Tom Danzig
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle 8i on HPUX11

You need to use pfs_mount:

$ pfs_mount /dev/dsk/cXtXdX /SD_CDROM pfs-rrip xlat=unix 0 0

(fill in the X's in the device file as appropriate for your system.)

Make sure the pfs daemons are running first. If not, start using these commands in the order shown:

$ nohup /usr/sbin/pfs_mountd &
$ nohup /usr/sbin/pfsd &

Also, make sure you use pfs_umount to unmount.
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle 8i on HPUX11

Have checked for NFS daemons? PFS uses NFS RPCs, hence your station
must at least be a "NFS client" (but you do not have to actually mount anything).
AND your super-user account MUST NOT be member of more than 8 groups!!!
Check/correct this BEFORE you start the pfs daemons.

Kishor Bagul
Occasional Contributor

Re: Oracle 8i on HPUX11

I would suggest to put timeout factor in your /etc/pfs_fstab, so that you will avoid server hang some time.
/dev/dsk/c4t0d0 /cdrom pfs-rrip retry=5,timeo=5,xlat=unix 0 0
Run all required pfsd and then mount with pfs_mount /dev/dsk/cxtydz /cdrom
I did this, works.
Nagaraj Dandeboyina
Occasional Advisor

Re: Oracle 8i on HPUX11

The following patches are required to install Oracle8i Release 2 (8.1.6) on
HP-UX 11.0:

Patch bundle 9905
PHCO_17792 (Dependency for PHKL_18543)
PHKL_17038 (Dependency for PHKL_18543)
PHKL_19800 (Dependency for PHKL_18543)
PHKL_20079 (Dependency for PHKL_18543)
PHNE_19616 (Dependency for PHSS_19748)
PHSS_18430 (Dependency for PHSS_19748)

Befor applying patches make sure that you loaded C,C++,Java virtual machine and Java runtime env softwares.And tune ur kernal parmaeters as follows.Parameter name Original Value New Value
Nproc (20+8*maxusers) (20+32*maxusers)
Max_thread_proc 64 512
Maxdsize 0x04000000 0x10000000
Maxfiles_lim 1024 2048
Maxfiles 60 1024
Maxuprc 75 512
Nfloks 200 8192
Semmns 128 512
Semmni 64 256

After that create one directory called mnt under root ie /mnt.then try to follow the following.

#nohup /usr/sbin/pfs_mountd &
#nohup /usr/sbin/pfsd &
#/usr/sbin/pfs_mount -t rrip -x unix /dev/dsk/ /mnt

Don't wait for prompt when u enter nohup,you just press enter u can get prompt.

And if u are trying to load in workstation,try to have more sapce like 2gb,otherwise you cann't load.

Happy admin


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R. Allan Hicks
Trusted Contributor

Re: Oracle 8i on HPUX11

How are you mounting the CD? I'm running 8i and haven't had a problem.

As root, have you:

1.) Set up the pfs_fstab file under etc


/dev/dsk/c5t2d0 /SD_CDROM pfs-rrip xlat=unix 0 0

2.) nohup /usr/sbin/pfs_mountd&

3.) nohup /usr/sbin/pfsd&

4.) /usr/sbin/pfs_mount /SD_CDROM
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Vikas Khator
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle 8i on HPUX11

Hi Sushil ,

There's a patch to fix that too many groups problem ... sorry can't remember.

Another workaround for it :
1) cp -p /etc/group /etc/
2) head -6 /etc/ >/etc/group
3) ensure that /etc/pfs_fstab has the proper line in it.
3) nohup pfs_mountd &
4) sleep 10
5) nohup pfsd &
6) sleep 10
7) pfs_mount /dev/dsk/... /SD_CDROM
8) cd /SD_CDROM and check out if things are ok
9) cp /etc/ /etc/group
(do not /SD_CDROM as it will give you not owner ... )

su - oracle and make sure oracle is not part of more than 8 groups.

you should be fine .

Hope this helps.

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