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Oracle 9i and 10G

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Oracle 9i and 10G

If I have a database server that runs on 10G, what effect on performance (if any) does it have if I have a server that connects to it using a 9i client? If I used a 10G client, would this make any difference to performance?
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Re: Oracle 9i and 10G


there should not be any major degradation in performance though it is recommended to use the latest client available.

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Re: Oracle 9i and 10G

For most queries that aren't wierdly esoteric, you won't see a difference by changing the the client version of the software for 10G or 9i servers vs 10g or 9i clients. It's better and safer if they match, but in general, it's not a big deal.

The last time I saw it matter was between Oracle 7.x clients against Oracle 8.x servers (or higher). This was because elements of the data dictionary changed. This prevented a connected user from doing things such as a "describe" - and at times one might incorrectly inherit(adopt) some forms of data types into code using the base table column definitions to create data types in plsql.

I don't think you'll have a problem, but make sure and test your applications first!
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Re: Oracle 9i and 10G


We've had 100+ Oracle 8i clients connecting to an Oracle 9i instance for a few years now. The difference in versions has never caused a problem as the server is backward-compatible.

I've also seen Oracle 9i clients connect to an Oracle 10g database without a problem. Oracle 10g client software may actually cause performance to decrease slightly, as Oracle code tends to get more bloated in newer versions.

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Re: Oracle 9i and 10G


It is always better to used the client software designed for the back end database version.

However as noted by others this is not always possible. I do not anticipate a major problem using the 9i client software.

Note that some applications however will not tolerate their data in a 10G database.

Steven E Protter
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Re: Oracle 9i and 10G