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Oracle 9i instalation????

Occasional Contributor

Oracle 9i instalation????

Hi there,

ultimatly i would like to use SQL*PLUS, so i am downloading oracle.

Could some1 please tell me if this is correct and how to do it. I would be most gratefull.

Thank you for your time.
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Re: Oracle 9i instalation????


If you just need sqlplus, oracle client installation should suffice. otherwise, download personal oracle from


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Re: Oracle 9i instalation????

You will need only the Oracle client installation files. Install Net8 and sqlplus only.
Alternatively, you may wish to try toadfree.
downloadable from:
However, this utilize 32 bit SQL*NET2 via TNS. Therefore, any Oracle database accessed through TOAD must have appropriate entries in the SQLNET2.INI and the TNSNAMES.ORA files. And of course to get the SQLNET or NET8 connectivity/drivers, you need to install from the Oracle "source"
hope this helps
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