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Oracle 9i on 32 bit machine?

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Kevin Bingham
Regular Advisor

Oracle 9i on 32 bit machine?

Hi everyone,

We are looking to upgrade our Oracle installation to 9i. We have an HP9000/803/D220 machine running the 32bit version of HP-UX 11.11. Is this going to work? Is there a 32 bit version of Oracle 9i... Looking at the Oracle website, the OS pre-req's only mention HP-UX 11.0 64Bit...

Thanks in advance

Re: Oracle 9i on 32 bit machine?

As far as I know, Oracle 9i is 64bit only, but I may be wrong. have you asked Oracle?

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Kevin Bingham
Regular Advisor

Re: Oracle 9i on 32 bit machine?

I have, but am waiting for their reply...
T G Manikandan
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle 9i on 32 bit machine?

There is no 32 bit version of 9i available now.

you can check the cerification matrix attached.

Stephen Andreassend
Regular Advisor

Re: Oracle 9i on 32 bit machine?

Oracle have said that there are absolutely no plans to release a 32bit edition of Oracle 9i on HPUX.

You can still run 32bit apps against 64bit HPUX 11 and 64bit Oracle 9i. The key is to set up the correct Oracle user env:

$LD_LIBRARY_PATH - includes $ORACLE_HOME/lib, but not $ORACLE_HOME/lib32
$SHLIB_PATH - includes $ORACLE_HOME/lib32, but not $ORACLE_HOME/lib