Oracle 9i on Linux

Allen Karczmarek
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Oracle 9i on Linux

Hello all,
I need a white paper, document or plain and simple advice on the steps necessary to create an Oracle 9i instance on Linux. We have a new Oracle RAC setup. To be specific, I'd like to find out what files need to be updated like oratab, .profile, .login etc, where the files reside and what needs to be done with them. Over the years I've fallen into the trap of having the vendor come in and create this stuff and Linux is new to me. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Oracle 9i on Linux

Here is a link I bookmark, that helped me along this long never ending road!

Lots of pointers from this link on !

This is a big subject, probably need to shop around some of theses links to fulfille, some of your need's I have yet to find an up to date 1 white paper that explain's it all.

Good luck on you holy seek !

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Re: Oracle 9i on Linux


You didn't mention if you have DBA experience or what. Short answer is, if your RAC environment is already in place, dbca will walk you through creating a database on a single/all nodes. As for papers, check and search for "Linux 9i RAC".

Best advice I have is making sure you know what you have before you start. If a production instance is already running, check running processes. Is ocfs (Oracle Cluster FS) being used for shared storage, or raw devices? Stuff like that.

As a SysAdmin/DBA, i've done a few of these. Doing a HA configuration now that is pretty cool. Things change from release to release, so, find out what u have.

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Steven Mertens
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Re: Oracle 9i on Linux


There is a intressting with paper available
on the redhat site but subcription is required.

You can also find it here :