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Oracle Application Server and HP-UX

Carl Roberts
Occasional Visitor

Oracle Application Server and HP-UX

I have received contradictorary documentation so far, so I was hoping there were people out there who have implemented OAS 4x on HP-UX and Service Guard

1) Is it best to have separate OAS and DBMS owners ?
2) Is is safe to have same $ORACLE_BASE for OAS and DBMS
3) Any one have any tips, gotchas or documentation on OAS with service guard
4) Is it best to have one or two packages (DBMS and OAS)

Jim Wolff
Occasional Advisor

Re: Oracle Application Server and HP-UX

Hi Carl,

I have not run the OAS with Service Gaurd, but, I have had numerous problems running 4.0.8 on the same machine that I have Oracle Enterprise Edition running. We are using HP-9000 K class servers, 4 processors, 2 Gb of real RAM, 3 Gb swapspace.

After numerous telephone conversations with Oracle support on several memory related OWS issues running on HP-UX, we finally resolved that there were certain conflicts occuring in memory with the Oracle RDBMS and OWS running on the same server.

Even after removing the Oracle EE from the server, we still had certain problems and were told to upgrade to Still, after that, we had some problems and Oracle finally sent someone to our site to review it all.

With all this said, it appears that OWS is a memory hog, and that their are several memory related issues with OWS and HP-UX. At this time, we are moving our OWS to a DEC Alpha running NT. We have successfully thoroughly tested that platform without any problems.
Sr. Oracle DBA

Re: Oracle Application Server and HP-UX

Hi. I received this information from an Oracle DBA. Please read below.

1) Not necessary at all to have 2 different owners. Mucho extra gotchas and
permission issues if you separate them. UID=oracle, GID=dba.
2) Yes. OK to have same $ORACLE_BASE for OAS and DBMS. We do, all the time.
3) --
4) One package. If OAS is running for the one app, why separate them and introduce
errors. If it's not, why increase administrative overhead anyway?
Carl Roberts
Occasional Visitor

Re: Oracle Application Server and HP-UX


thanks for the info,

1) what extra gotchas from two user ?
2) my worry on OAS and DBMS being in same package is why switch packages just because the OAS fails when DBMS is up ?

Thomas Schler_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: Oracle Application Server and HP-UX


I try to give an answer on using one or two
packages. I'm only using DBMS (not OAS).

If OAS is completely independent from a
running DBMS (or at least if OAS runs
application that can still be used without
a running DBMS -- or vice versa), I would
use two packages. The reasons are:

- In case of having to do some maintaining
actions on DBMS or OAS, you can shut
down one package while the other
continues to run.

- In case you have to make changes on the
filesystems of DBMS or OAS, you also
don't have to shut down everything.

- You are able to distribute the daemons
and processes on two nodes (one for
DBMS, the other for OAS). Having just
one package you have to run this
package (and all its processes) on one

- If it makes sense in your special case,
you can easily write monitor scripts
that observe the status of other
running packages. E.g. package DBMS
may be able to detect if OAS isn't
running on any node and send you an
email, or so.

Have a nice day.
no users -- no problems
Jim Mulshine
Frequent Advisor

Re: Oracle Application Server and HP-UX

Hi! Be careful with the version of OAS that you choose to run in a ServiceGuard cluster. Apparently OAS version 4.0.8 is NOT supported for use in a ServiceGuard cluster, according to Oracle Support.