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Oracle DB connection lost during golive

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Chen Yingjie
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Oracle DB connection lost during golive


We have experenced golive failure last monday.
1 possible reason is the DB connection was lost during the operation.

We are using HP-UX server and Oracle 11g is installed on the HP-UX Server with Oracle Standard Edition 5 named users.

There are 1 app server and 1 web server connect to oracle DB (single instance) by same oracle user ID.
and there are 3 other systems(servers) also connected to this DB using same oracle user ID as above.

here we alreay have 5 servers connected to oracle DB using same user ID. And there are many Web Users and RF Gun Users(use telenet to APP box) connect to DB via Web Box and App box.

I would like to confirm if there are some users using PC direct connected to DB server, will these operation cause Oracle DB connection lost?


Re: Oracle DB connection lost during golive

Oracle doesn't implement any sort of hard licensing within it which would stop connections after more than X sessions were attached. However there are some settings in oracle which can stop additional connections, but as you have provided no error messages of any type, then its difficult to draw any conclusions...

Incidentally if you really are licensed for 5 users but have > 5 users attached (even if via other applications), then you _are_ in breach of your licensing terms, even if technically it doesn';t stop your application from functioning. I would advise you to clarify and resolve this immediately. Oracle are notoriously tough on those that fail to comply with their licensing (typically expecting you to buy the additional licenses to get back into compliance with no discount). You should read this:



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Chen Yingjie
Frequent Advisor

Re: Oracle DB connection lost during golive

Thanks Duncan for quick help.

I will check with customer on their oracle licensing and the configuration, alert log, sqlnet log.