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Oracle DB migration from one server to another

Regular Advisor

Oracle DB migration from one server to another

Hello Everyone,


I am in a need to migrate the configured three DB's on one server(HP-UX) to another of the same OS version.


I have cross-checked the OS version SGA and memory of the server on which we are planning to migrate it. One more thing we are going to use the same storage LUN's which is being currently used by the DB's.


So i just wanted to know the steps from the server end for this migration.


Waiting for an early response.



Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle DB migration from one server to another

Not much we can help you with until we know the model for the old and new computers, and OS version (11.00, 11.11, 11.23, etc). If the old computer is PARISC and the new one is Itanium (IA64), then you have a major migration task ahead, some of which will be to determine if your code is going to run successfully on the new server.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Regular Advisor

Re: Oracle DB migration from one server to another



Currently the DB is running on 11.11 server Model:9000/800/rp8420 and planning to migrate to 11.23 (ia64 hp server rx8640). See the below comments from DBA team for OS version difference.


1. UURTW14B runs on HP-UX v11.11 and the proposed new server is running HP-UX v11.23. Do you foresee any issues with this?

- No, there are no issues foreseen here. In other words, difference in server version will not affect the migration.


Please reply with the plan.