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Oracle Dataguard on Serviceguard

Rajesh Karelia
Frequent Advisor

Oracle Dataguard on Serviceguard

Hi All,

We have the following 2 cluster systems:

Cluster 1 consisting of 2 nodes Koala and Tapir in Worker/Standby configuration.
Cluster 2 consisting of 2 nodes Ermine and Ferret in Worker/Standby configuration.

All 4 servers have HP-UX 11i v2, are installed with Oracle 10g v2 and are running on HP Serviceguard Storage Management for Oracle.

Koala and Tapir are on cluster. At a time only 1 server is active and running Oralce services. When something goes wrong on worker node, the service gets transferred to standby node. Similar is the case for Ermine and Ferret.

Koala-Tapir cluster runs the Oracle Databse services, everything is ready and working according to the requirements.

Now, we would like to implement Oracle dataguard (Physical Standby Database) on Ermine-Ferret cluster system which will act as standby site; Koala-Tapir being the primary site.

Can anyone suggest what all changes are required on both cluster systems to implement Dataguard?

Many Thanks,
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Oracle Dataguard on Serviceguard

Shalom Rajesh,

Not a lot of changes. Dataguard needs to be installed on both nodes of the cluster and in the standby cluster.

There will probably be OS patches required, and peerhaps a new package control script to start the Dataguard process working in both clusters.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation

Re: Oracle Dataguard on Serviceguard

There is no seperate installation for dataguard. its all configuration.
you have option to implement phy. standby and use scripts to manage failover and switchover or use dataguard broker to do it.
broker is another oracle process which has its own commands to create a logical configuration on top of the primary-standby configuration. and then if you have grid control (oem), you can monitor pri-standby using the gc website. we are currently in the process of deploying phy. standby between our two sites. primary is a non-rac mcsg and phy standby is on a single vpar node.

Occasional Visitor

Re: Oracle Dataguard on Serviceguard


To create a physical standby the following have to be taken care.
1. The database should be in archive log mode
2. The network bandwidth between both the sites sould be able handle the network traffic.
3. One can start with "Maximum Performance" configuration where there can be data loss
4. Oracle dataguard concepts manual has all the details.

To implement dataguard
1. Use either hot or cold backup of the database.
2. All the archive logs after the backup are required.
3. Add additional parameters specific to dataguard either in init file or spfile depending on which is being used.

All rhe best
Rajesh Prabhu