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Oracle Ebsr12 on HP-UX - memory usage

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Oracle Ebsr12 on HP-UX - memory usage

hi all.
we have a problem of huge memory occupation (almost 99-100%) by Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite r12) and, as a consequence, we note a swapping out activity.

some details:

server: Superdome Itanium2 Montecito nPartion with 4 cpu and 16 GB of RAM and 50 GB of swap

application DB:
oracle 10g ( with 2GB of SGA and 1 GB PGA

application EBS:
Ebs r12 version 12.0.0 RUP4 configured for 200 users

i attached some system measurements.

are anyone experienced in such a problem?
we were told that 16 GB of RAM were a very large dimension, so i wonder if Ebs behaviour is correct or not.
maybe we need some patch?

Duncan Edmonstone
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Re: Oracle Ebsr12 on HP-UX - memory usage

What version of HPUX?

This seems to indicate that 11GB of memory is being used by the system. On a 16GB system thats pretty excessive...

Do you have any stats for what the system looks like when EBS is stoppped?

I'd be tempted to get a call logged with the response centre as that memory usage by the kernel is surely not right...




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Re: Oracle Ebsr12 on HP-UX - memory usage

hello Duncan, thanks for your reply.
yes, sorry, i forgot to mention that o.s. is HP-UX 11.23 (B.11.23.0712).

i agree with you that it'is impossible that o.s. uses all this memory.

i attach a file containing glance screenshot of another server totally equal than this one (it is the other node of the same two node cluster). consider than we have the same problem even if we run EBS on the other node.
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Re: Oracle Ebsr12 on HP-UX - memory usage

i open an issue with HP support: it was a known problem of system memory leak due to product "OnlineDiag".
i installed tha patch PHKL_38436 and now everything is going fine.