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Oracle Errors HPUK 11.31

Mikey De
Occasional Advisor

Oracle Errors HPUK 11.31

Running Oracle Databases with
disk_asynch_io TRUE
filesystemio_options asynch

I am gettng errors in the oracle trace files as follows

WARNING:Could not increase the asynch I/O limit to 32 for SQL direct I/O. It is set to 0

Can the system suppirt async io and anyone comes across this problem before

oracle metalink has reported the problem in 11g rel 1 but not in

Any help would be appreciated
Rita C Workman
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle Errors HPUK 11.31

A quiet day so I did some research. Not sure, but maybe this thread will be helpful.

Mikey De
Occasional Advisor

Re: Oracle Errors HPUK 11.31


thanks for your reply , I did find that thread.

I did also find out that oracle for HP still uses async io regardless of the value of the init setting

disk_asynch_io=FALSE and filesystemio_options=none).

So i might as well turn off the settings

Thanks for your help

Re: Oracle Errors HPUK 11.31

You don't make it clear whether your data is in datafiles in filesystems or on raw/ASM partitions?

The point is that regardless of what you set these parameters to, if the data is on a filesystem on HP-UX, then there is no async IO happening anyway.

If you have access you should look at Oracle support document 139272.1



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Mikey De
Occasional Advisor

Re: Oracle Errors HPUK 11.31


sorry , i should have mentioned that , after having a word with out system administrator I found out that

Async I/O is only available for raw volumes and weâ re using the VxFS file systems with the concurrent I/O (CIO) option

so i have changed the following parameters in oracle

filesystemio_options string SETALL

disk_asynch_io boolean FALSE

This has resolved the problem

Thanks for your help