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Oracle Internet Developper Suite (9IDS) on HP-UX11i

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Oracle Internet Developper Suite (9IDS) on HP-UX11i

Any known installation issues for 9IDS 2.0 installation on 64bit HP-UX11i server using JDK1.3?
DBAs have compilation errors due to shared libraries not located in expected default include directories.

I found a "quick&dirty" workaround by manually linking
$ORACLE_HOME/jdk/jre/lib to $ORACLE_HOME/jdk/lib
but I would like to understand root cause.

Original symptoms was "" not found when recreating forms binaries using "" standard make file.
Same issue with other shared libraries using other make files (reports...).

Thanks you.
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Re: Oracle Internet Developper Suite (9IDS) on HP-UX11i


Quite strange, i was able to install and use the IDS on my installation and it works fine!

Did you specify the JDK_HOME to be /opt/java1.3 during some stage of the installation?

Also, are you using the command line compilation program? I prefer to use the script - with all enviroment variables and paths properly defined.

E.g. module_type=FORM module=/prod/myform.fmb userid=user/user@cmtdb compile_all=yes

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Re: Oracle Internet Developper Suite (9IDS) on HP-UX11i

Thanks for your reply.
I will forward it to DBAs who did the install.