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Oracle Memory Hogs

Oracle Memory Hogs

I have a V2500 running 11.0. It has 14 processors and 12gb of memory. It is the database server for our Website. The front end application/web servers are NT machines that attatch to the DB server using an Oracle JDBC driver.
The dedicated server processes that are spawned through the JDBC connection usually use about 2-5mb of RSS. However, over time, some of them will go as high as 200mb! The process ID will change, but it is like the memory is never freed up back to the OS for redistribution. Is it possible that the socket connection retains the memory and each new Oracle process that comes through the pipe is reusing the already allocated RSS?? It eventaully brings the system to its knees. Oracle recommends upgrading the JDBC client but can't give me a reason as to why that will fix the issue.

Any ideas would be great! Thanks!
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Re: Oracle Memory Hogs

Hello Seth,

have a look at hp's Java pages at

there were a lot of improvements for Java
running under HP-UX 11.x this year!

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Re: Oracle Memory Hogs

Hi Seth,

this sound like an application related issue. An upgrade of your JDBC driver might help.

Santosh Nair_1
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Re: Oracle Memory Hogs


I second Sanjay's sentiment, it does sound application related. Also, once a process has gone away, it should release all the memory that it had back to the OS for distribution amongst the other processes.

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