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Oracle Memory usage on HP-UX

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David Cassin

Oracle Memory usage on HP-UX

I have an HP server (rp4440) running hp-ux 11i, and Oracle. I want to find out how to find the amount of memory that Oracle is using for each oracle database.

Can anyone give me advice on this?
Borislav Perkov
Respected Contributor

Re: Oracle Memory usage on HP-UX

Here is one script I had taken from this forum.
It works mainly for geting the memory of the user used, but if you put also the oracle instance you will get an approx. result of the used memory by that instance.
if the istance is PROD you should put:

./claimed_memory oraclePROD

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Oracle Memory usage on HP-UX

Shalom David,

If you find something, take a look at the oracle SGA settings in init.ora. This has a profound effect on actual memory use.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle Memory usage on HP-UX


this is a rather complex question, when calculating you should take these major considerations into account:

a) how much you have assigned to your buffer cache (for maximum performance)
b) how big is your shared/java pool (a function of how much sql/plsql/java you are running in your database)
c) do you run in shared server (then the large pool is used and will be large -- that is part of the sga) or in dedicated server -- dynamic allocations of memory

Also, the following can give you some indication of some amount of memory use by the database:
SQL> show sga

Total System Global Area 1048576000 bytes
Fixed Size 782424 bytes
Variable Size 259002280 bytes
Database Buffers 788529152 bytes
Redo Buffers 262144 bytes

ALso, if you are using 10g and have defined the sga_target, this may vary over time.

hope this helps too!

kind regards
No person was ever honoured for what he received. Honour has been the reward for what he gave (clavin coolidge)
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle Memory usage on HP-UX

Hi David,

SELECT * FROM v$sga;

to see overall memory usage.

This returns cumulative SGA/PGA usage across all processes:

SELECT sum(s.value)
v$session se,
v$sesstat s,
v$statname n
s.statistic# = n.statistic# and
se.sid = s.sid and
( = 'session pga memory max');

From the OS:

# ipcs -ma

to see shared memory usage.

David Cassin

Re: Oracle Memory usage on HP-UX

Thankyou all for the information. I used the script that was supplied by Borislav which was very helpful.