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Oracle Pro Cobol

james gould
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Oracle Pro Cobol

Need to know what CD to load onto HPUX for Oracle 9i that contains Pro Cobol.
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Re: Oracle Pro Cobol

The database installation CD has it on them.
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Indira Aramandla
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Re: Oracle Pro Cobol

Hi James,

Precompilers in Oracle 9.2 media

The Precompilers (Pro*C, Pro*Cobol and Pro*Fortran) in oracle 9.2 media are bundled under "Oracle Programmer". This was the case since oracle 8.1.5

The component is available under both Oracle 9i Database and Oracle 9i Client install.

You cannot expand the Oracle Programmer component and view the precompilers before the installation. After the install, you will find all the sub-components: pro*C , pro*Cobol (1.8.77 and, Pro*Fortran and Sql*module ADA in the Installed Products list.


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Re: Oracle Pro Cobol


on Unix
The precompiler are on the Oracle server CD but you should perform a client installation to install them

for more clarifications, please refer to metalink note: 188618.1
Subject: FAQ : First Precompiler installation

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