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Oracle RAC extn of MCSG minimum H/W requirement

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Oracle RAC extn of MCSG minimum H/W requirement

I have 2 rp2470 running hp-ux 11i v1 as a test setup. I was wondering if i can run my production environment off of them. My production includes an EVA 3000 hooked up to a pair of clustered rp5470s (database) running the same OS as well as a pair or rp5430s(application). we are running Oracle 9i RAC with Oracle apps 11i.
I do have a couple of DS ( 2300 and 2100) hooked up to the 2470s. What will be my requirement to setup the RAC on the test environment if at all possible?? I am presuming a smart Storage with controllers et all like the EVA.
Duncan Edmonstone
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle RAC extn of MCSG minimum H/W requirement

Well these boxes/storage certainly aren't enough to configure a supported and representative test environment, but it seems reasonable that you could actually get RAC and SGeRAC running on them.

You will need at least one suitable SCSI HBA in each rp2470, the DS2300 has to be configured in full bus mode and have both BCCs in the back. The DS2300 manual describes the setup quite well.

Obviously the lack of IO slots in the rp2470 means you're not going to be able to do much in terms of additional SCSI channels or extra NICs for networking resilience, but you don't *have* to have all that if you just want a sandbox...

Of course, like I said originally this environment certainly won't be a supported configuration, neither would it be that representative of your production kit.




Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Oracle RAC extn of MCSG minimum H/W requirement

I think if you have enough memory you can run production off these machines.

Realistically I would not want to try this with less than 4 GB per machine. You may get it to run on 2 GB but performance will be miserable.

I'd go for 8 GB if the machines can handle that much and you want optimal perfomrance.

You can certainly export the volume groups the rp5470 servers own now and transfer them to the rp2470 machines.

If you do a lot of compilation or calculations, you will notice the slower servers.

I would not even test with less than 4 GB of ram in this scenario.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation