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Oracle RMAN Restore RAC

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Oracle RMAN Restore RAC


We are having an environment with two HP Unix 11.31 servers running with ServiceGuard + SGeRAC+ Oracle 10gR2 RAC + ASM.

We are using rman for taking DB backup in this environment.

How can i restore these RMAN backup in to an another environment having same configuration (two node RAC + service Guard)?
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Manoj K
Trusted Contributor

Re: Oracle RMAN Restore RAC

specify the location of the backup on the control file, and run the command,

restore backup;

it wil done.For this you should prepared your server first racle rac running.
Emil Velez
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle RMAN Restore RAC

using rman you restore database information into a existing database.

It should be no different restoring it to another rac environment. Just build another rac environment on one node and restore the database and then connect the other nodes to the instance.