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Oracle and DB2 in the same HP-UX partition?

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Jason Pruden-Shebaylo
Occasional Visitor

Oracle and DB2 in the same HP-UX partition?


I am considering having a DB2 database and an Oracle database in the same HP-UX partition.

I have an HP9000 N4000, running HP-UX 11.00, with 3 550mhz CPUs and 4GB RAM. The current usage for the CPUs is approx. 30% and RAM about 60%. Oracle is the only app. currently installed.

Does anyone know of any known conflicts of having both DBMS's on the same partition?
harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle and DB2 in the same HP-UX partition?

I can only think that you will need more memory, and probably a few more CPU's, and of course adequate disk space with more IO channels to it.

We run informix and oracle together without issues.

live free or die
Live Free or Die
Jeff Schussele
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle and DB2 in the same HP-UX partition?


I'm not aware of any known conflicts, but I would avoid it simply for the DB "maintenance" issues. For example, if the Oracle DBAs need to take Oracle down to perform maint they generally want the extents or data filesystems unmounted shared & mounted exclusive & this would result in DB2 having to go down as well.
So put the binaries together if you desire - but keep the data FSs separate.

Also you'll want to do some investigation on kernel params needed for the extra load. Definitely check maxdsiz & timeslice. And you'll probably end up having to do some tuning on them & others after deploying as well.

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Dave Echols
Occasional Advisor

Re: Oracle and DB2 in the same HP-UX partition?

I've been asked about having a DB2 database added to as server with Oracle already running. How did you make out?