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Oracle export 920 and 8174

Occasional Advisor

Oracle export 920 and 8174

Hi All,

We recently upgraded a database from Oracle 8174 to 920. The RMAN database is a 8174.
Untill the upgrade everything worked fine. Now, DP exports the RMAN database using the export tool of the 920.

How can I change in DP the export tool for Oracle. Using the exp of 8174 instead of the exp of 920.


Stefan Schulz
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle export 920 and 8174


the export tool is just a small executable which you can copy from one system to another.

I recently used a exp from 8.0.6 to do a export from a 8.1.7 database. All i had to do is to use the old 8.0.6 export tool (i copied it to a new name exp806 and did an exp806 instead of exp).

Hope this helps

Regards Stefan
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