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Oracle import process

Super Advisor

Oracle import process

Hi ,


We are having rx6600 box with 16gb ram , 32gb virtual memory , 4 cpu

oracle 9i . 11iv2 O.S

We are trying to import two tables each with 10 milliion records.

with eva 4k and 20 hdd of 300gb disk and 16 hdd of 146gb disk.

The import process is  slow.

solid performance issue i guess.

Can some tuning be done

Super Advisor

Re: Oracle import process

PFA disk report

Esteemed Contributor

Re: Oracle import process

hi zxcv,

this is pure IO issue. in sar output, wio value exceed 30%. That show you have IO bottleneck.

12:39:51 %usr %sys %wio %idle
12:39:56 17 13 64 7
12:40:01 28 15 50 7
12:40:06 21 14 59 7
12:40:11 26 13 53 8
12:40:16 22 9 60 9

high IO utilization are coming from these LUNs.
c1t3d7 100.00 0.72 1453 28319 0.18 2.60
c1t3d1 92.80 0.58 620 36535 0.15 7.32

there is no easy way to do this but you need to spread your IO to multiple LUNs. That would ease your IO load.

Creating a stripe volume across multiple LUN is also good at this moment.

Jean-Luc Oudart
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle import process


could you supply some extra information ?

=> Where are the source files located ? (or is it one export file for both tables)
      Please specify if one or two files.

=> Is database on same disk as files above ?
      Can you move export file elsewhere ?

=> could you supply oracle import parameter files ?
      eg. do you rebuild indexes on the fly or have you specified INDEXES=N ?

     values for parameters COMMIT, BUFFER, FULL




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