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Oracle on HP-UX 11.00 and Netapp-Filers

Martin Schretzmeier
Occasional Contributor

Oracle on HP-UX 11.00 and Netapp-Filers


I'm trying to run Oracle on HP-UX 11.00 (both 64-bit) on Net-App-Filers. It runs perfectly on K-Classes with 11.00 64 bit - but when I try to use a N-Class it doesn't work.

I tried both scenarios on 2 systems .. both K were ok .. but on both N I have troubles.

The first one should be a sap-clone beginning without a running oracle-instance on it. On this box oracle doesn't start-up or returns a ORA-600.

The second box has already oracle running on it on scsi-disks and we wanted to move a table-space from that scsi-disks to the nas. But the create tablespace creates a file but hangs afterwards.

Does anybody of you have any idea what that can be (wrong settings somewhere, patches ??) or do you need more information ??

thx & br
Jim Hendrick

Re: Oracle on HP-UX 11.00 and Netapp-Filers



I am not an HP expert... (so why am I replying? I am interested in sites that use NAS as opposed to locally attached or SAN storage)

That said, you will need to provide some more details. What errors are you seeing? Are the filesystems visible? Mounted identically? Do the underlying mount points have the same ownership and permissions? What patch levels are on both systems? What is the network between the clients/server? How does the filer "know" the clients (for name resolution, export permissions, user authentication, etc.)

These are some of the basic questions. If the systems appear identical in these areas, then something more subtle is going on.


Martin Schretzmeier
Occasional Contributor

Re: Oracle on HP-UX 11.00 and Netapp-Filers

Ok - To clarify the things.

All 4 systems were newly installed in the last 2 months with hpux-11 and patch-bundle rel. dec 2000. All 4 systems are connected via Gigabit and a dedicated switch to the nas. All Filesystems were exported/mounted with the same options (vers=3,hard,intr,suid,proto=udp).
The Client-adresses on the nas are resolved via file - the mounts are based on the ip-adress.

The Filesystems are mounted, visible, accessable, writeable also for the oracle-user. All of this filesystems are owned by the oracle user.

And the most time I don't see any error-message. The system is hanging and doing nothing anymore. With some transactions (eg try to create new control-files) I get a ORA-600-error.