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Oracle on HP-UX

Oracle on HP-UX


I have the folowing message in my syslog:

Oct 23 15:33:35 cen-tlg-rmo-01 syslog: Oracle Cluster Ready Services disabled by corrupt install
Oct 23 15:33:35 cen-tlg-rmo-01 syslog: Could not access /var/opt/oracle/scls_scr/cen-tlg-rmo-01/root/crsstart.

It repeats to much.
I want to know what file is: /var/opt/oracle/scls_scr/cen-tlg-rmo-01/root/crsstart
or what's its function?

I have HP-UX 11.23

Tks a lot.

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Oracle on HP-UX


You don't actually mention what Oracle product we are talking about.

I think its RAC.

You need to repeat the install taking care to follow every minute detail on OS patching, Oracle's documentation is wrong, there are requirements, kernel configuration and configuration details.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle on HP-UX

hi Alberto,

The CRS (Cluster Ready Services) is a new feature for 10g Real Application Clusters that provides a standard cluster interface on all platforms and performs new high availability operations not available in previous versions.

On Unix, the CRS stack is run from entries in /etc/inittab with "respawn".

Once the stack is started, you should be able to see all of the daemon processes with a ps -ef command:

[rac1]/u01/home/beta> ps -ef | grep crs

oracle 1363 999 0 11:23:21 ? 0:00 /u01/crs_home/bin/evmlogger.bin -o /u01
oracle 999 1 0 11:21:39 ? 0:01 /u01/crs_home/bin/evmd.bin
root 1003 1 0 11:21:39 ? 0:01 /u01/crs_home/bin/crsd.bin
oracle 1002 1 0 11:21:39 ? 0:01 /u01/crs_home/bin/ocssd.bin

To troubleshoot your problem, you may check your $ORA_CRS_HOME/css/log - The css logs indicate all actions such as reconfigurations, missed checkins , connects, and disconnects from the client CSS listener. In some cases the logger logs messages with the category of (auth.crit) for the reboots done by oracle. This could be used for checking the exact time when the reboot occured.

For more information, please refer to metalink note: 259301.1 "CRS and 10g Real Application Clusters"

hope this helps!

kind regards
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Re: Oracle on HP-UX

Tks a lot the issues is with Oracle, the probles was derived to Oracle.