Oracle on Linux Alpha

Douglas Buxton

Oracle on Linux Alpha

Any running Oracle (any version) on Alpha Linux? We are currently on VMS and having a heckufa time getting support from Oracle. We had a telecom with them telling them we wanted to stick with the Alpha h/w because of it's rock solid stability (at least with VMS) and would the recommend us going to Linux. They said definately. Now the response to tar 3703560.994 on CSI 1527467 submitted by us is that there has NEVER been a port of Oracle to Linux Alpha. I think someone's been lyin' to us and I need to know for sure before I recommend anything.
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Oracle on Linux Alpha

You can do the research yourself.

Because the plug was pulled on Alpha by Compaq prior to being purchased by HP, the bean counters at Oracle probably didn't see the wisdom of porting and supporting the product.

I have heard of some hacks, where people made an attempt to relink Oracle on the platform.

But do you really want to run production like that?

Sure Alpha is rock solid, but its a dead end architecture. HP-UX on the other hand and Linux on Intel or Itanium is a flourishing, growing platform. Its also rock solid on either platform, though Linux support seems to be better at Oracle itself.

Steven E Protter
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dirk dierickx
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Re: Oracle on Linux Alpha

Oracle on Linux is only available on the Intel platforms for now, PPC is also comming later this year i heard. But _no_ alpha version available (afaik).
Hein van den Heuvel
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Re: Oracle on Linux Alpha

You were mis-led or mis-understood.

IMHO (which may or might not correspond with the official HP opinion) Oracle support has no business recommending what it did.
It just does not make any sense at all. Oracle is fully supported with OpenVMS on Alpha as well as OpenVMS and Itanium. You would get less stability, more risk, more change, more work and no incremental lifetime by switching to some Linux on Alpha (whether there is (now or ever) an Oracle for Linux/Alpha is almost a moot point).

Oracle + HP will give you a smooth transition to Itanium if and when you run out of your Alpha platform solution.

I would love to see you escalate your initial question + response within Oracle an d see if they stick to the story and come back with a more reasonable answer.

If they stick to the initial reply, then I woudl like to make sure that HP get's a chance to follow up. Please mail me with may a call numbers and/or support engineer/manager name. No I can not do anything about it myslef (just as well :-)
I'm just a peon, but I do have some connections that I would want to be informed about this situation.

Just some comments from the peanut gallery!