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Oracle patches installed in HP-UX

Kenn Chen_1

Oracle patches installed in HP-UX

I have installed oracle patches into my HPUX last week. I latest make_recovery was last months and i have to use this make_recovery to restore my root disk (crash). SO, may i know whether oracle pathces installed will effect OS (root disk) configuration. Do any files store in OS filesystem for oracle patches.
Trond Haugen
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle patches installed in HP-UX

You will probably find pepole with experience with that here but Oracle is probably a better source.

Clemens van Everdingen
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle patches installed in HP-UX


If the patches you installed are named PHCO_xxxxx, PHKL_xxxxx, PHNE_xxxxx or PHSS_xxxxx then they will have effect on VG00 (root disk).

If patches are from Oracle itself and Oracle is not installed in VG00 then it wil probably have no effect on root disk, but I would ask oracle for this as well.

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Justo Exposito
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Oracle patches installed in HP-UX

Hi Kenn,

What kind of patches do you put in the system?
Are this patches recomended by Oracle but are from HP (names like PHCOnnnnn, PHKLnnnnn, PHNEnnnnn or PHSSnnnnn), or are patches recomended by Oracle and are for the oracle software?

If this patches are for HP/UX and you do not do a make_recovery after the installation you don't have this patches in your system after recovery from a make_recovery.

Hope this helps,

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Faizer Jameel
Frequent Advisor

Re: Oracle patches installed in HP-UX

If the patches applied are related to HP UX namely PHKL... or PHSS... etc then a new make_recovery tape should be created.

If the patches applied are recieved from Oracle for the Oracle Database or for the Forms server etc then there is no need to create another make_recovery tape.

But as a best practice its prudent to have a recovery tape created atleast once a month and when ever any patch is applied.

If its that you would be using number of tapes atleast device a method for rotation of tapes. [ 3 sets at any given time is advisable ]