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Oracle raid1 raid5 XP12000 moving datafiles


Oracle raid1 raid5 XP12000 moving datafiles

I have already posted this thread in storage forum but I put this here because someone here can have experience in a situation like this.

Imagine the following situation.

1st. Huge oracle database
2nd. Redo log, control file, archive log, undo and temp in raid1
3rd. All data files in raid5. 8 data vgs:data1,data2,data3,data4,data5,data6,data7 and data8
4th. SD with XP12000
5th. Disks 22 Gb
6th. Only raw devices

We have taken some statistics(statspack) and we have determined which are the files that suffers more write operations and we
are thinking to create 160 Gb of R1 and move these files.

Which do you think is the best option
1st. Include 1 R1 disk in each vg and move the files more written of this vg to the new R1 disk. This can be made
2nd. Create a new vg(i.e. vgraid1) with 8 disks and move the files more written from all vgs to this new vg. This
should be made offline Obviously the files would be stripped in this new vg.
3rd. Use more space and include 2 R1 disks in each vg. Strip the lvoles more written betweenf these two disks.

the second option seems to be the best but I am not sure about moving all the datafiles more written to only one
vg although this vg would have 8 disks and all the lvols would be stripped.

Regards and thanks,
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle raid1 raid5 XP12000 moving datafiles

I would discourage mixing device types in a VG. Too hard to keep track of, too easy to get wrong. I like the idea of seperate VGs for the raid-5 and raid-1 units much better.
Bite the bullet, set those tablespaces offline for a while and copy them over!

Of course you want to be sure to script it out, and test drive carefully to be able to tune the copy time, and to be able to give an accurate estimate of the downtime. Looks liek you could just try it with the live files for that purpose.

Hein van den Heuvel
HvdH Performance Consulting