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Oracle10g mmnl errors

Greg Hall
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Oracle10g mmnl errors


my client has a new oracle 10g r2 database on HPUX 11.11. In the database bdump dir this is a .trc file dbname_mmnl_13961.trc. Which contains:

Dump file /u00/app/oracle/admin/PRDCLRTY/bdump/prdclrty_mmnl_13961.trc
Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
With the Partitioning, OLAP and Data Mining options
ORACLE_HOME = /u00/app/oracle/product/
System name: HP-UX
Node name: akldwhp1
Release: B.11.11
Version: U
Machine: 9000/800
Instance name: PRDCLRTY
Redo thread mounted by this instance: 0
Oracle process number: 0
Unix process pid: 13961, image: oracle@akldwhp1

File '/dev/async' not present : errno=2
*** 2005-11-14 04:19:34.764
*** SERVICE NAME:(SYS$BACKGROUND) 2005-11-14 04:19:34.764
*** SESSION ID:(325.1) 2005-11-14 04:19:34.763
ksugetosstat failed: op = pstat_getprocessor, location = slsgetactive ()
*** 2005-11-14 04:19:47.136
ksugetosstat failed: op = pstat_getprocessor, location = slsgetactive ()
*** 2005-11-14 04:20:02.285
ksugetosstat failed: op = pstat_getprocessor, location = slsgetactive ()
*** 2005-11-14 04:20:16.423

- they are working on the /dev/async problem.
- are the ksugetosstat failures related to the /dev/async problem, or are they something else? I suspect the latter as these msgs are being produced every few secs since 0419 Monday.
Any clues would be welcome, I'm a bit lost.

thanks, Greg
Confucious Confused
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Re: Oracle10g mmnl errors


similar reported in

This problem happened on oracle8 and it come out again on the 10gR2....!?

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Re: Oracle10g mmnl errors

hi greg!

also refer to metalink notes:
Note.60692.1 ALERT HP-UX Tracefiles reference /dev/async when async i/o not configured


As the previous post say this error was first reported in Oracle 8i whereby the workaround was:

It is possible to workaround the problem by the following means;

If the "/dev/async" device does not exists, then create it.

As the root user:

/sbin/mknod /dev/async c 101 0x0
/usr/bin/chown oracle:dba /dev/async
/usr/bin/chmod 000 /dev/async

The permissions on /dev/async of 000 ensure that it is not possible to use the async driver unintentionally.

As the oracle user, modify the "init.ora" file so that the parameters:

disk_asynch_io = false
tape_asynch_io = false

I would also suggest that you create a TAR in Metalink for a more proper followup. Most probably they already have a patch for that... please check

kind regards
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Greg Hall
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Re: Oracle10g mmnl errors

thanks people. I'm aware of the fix for the dev/async problem. This is with the Oracle support people.

I'm more interested in the "ksugetosstat failed" error. Is this related to the /dev/async problem? Could be, in which case I should ignore them until the dev/async issue is resolved.

Confucious Confused
Eric Antunes
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Re: Oracle10g mmnl errors

Hi Greg,

The only way to know if the ksugetosstat error message is related to /dev/async file is to - assuming you use file systems and not raw devices - modify the init.ora parameter disk_asynch_io to false (as Yogeeraj said), restart the database and see if those trace files continue to be created.

Best Regards,

Eric Antunes
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Dennis Murphy_3
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Re: Oracle10g mmnl errors

Can I ask a question?

Does this particular system have any iCOD CPU's?

I have a 48-way Superdome with 16 iCOD CPU's, and I'm getting the same trace errors about "ksugetosstat failed".

The only guess I have is that since I have 16 iCOD CPU's, Oracle can't access them. If you query the number of CPUs in the system (for example, from a print_manifest), I show 64 CPU's, but only 48 are active.

I -think- it's related to iCOD, but I'm not 100% sure yet.
Adam Mullen
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Re: Oracle10g mmnl errors

I'm also seeing this error on HPUX 11.11 running Oracle 10g r2. I don't understand why one would want to set disk_asynch_io to false though. Please explain this. Also, was a tar opened, if so, could you please provide the ID #.

Thanks, Adam
Mike Tufariello
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Re: Oracle10g mmnl errors

I noticed the dates on this thread and see they are older.

We just moved to Oracle 10g r2 on a PA-RISC running 11.11 OS. We too are now seeing hundreds of .trc files being created. Does the above thread still apply as a vaild solution ? Or has more research and other methods been developed to address this issue ?