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Output from netstat -a

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Output from netstat -a

what's the meaning of the state filed of netstat -an command?


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Re: Output from netstat -a

and FIN_WAIT_2......
John Poff
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Re: Output from netstat -a


Those are different states of sockets. The LISTEN means that a process has a socket open and is waiting for something to come along and connect. The ESTABLISHED is a socket that is connected. The CLOSE_WAIT and FIN_WAIT_2 states are what you see on each end of a socket when they are in the process of closing. Often they will get hung in this state if one side or the other is not sending an acknowledgement.

Here is a link to a document that briefly lists the states.

I hope that helps a little. I gave a ten cent explanation to a ten dollar question. :)

Christopher McCray_1
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Re: Output from netstat -a


Check out this link:

Also, do a search on netstat in the technical knowledge base. I has postings on each, like "What does CLOSE_WAIT state mean?" and so on.

Hope this helps

It wasn't me!!!!
Bill Thorsteinson
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Re: Output from netstat -a

LISTEN indicates a process is waiting for a connection. Generally a server process.

ESTABLISHED indicates a connection is active.

CLOSE_WAIT and FIN_WAIT* indicate a connection is being closed or has been closed recently. The protocol stack is waiting to verify no more packets will arrive on the connection.

I think SYN_SENT occurs during startup.