Re: PCMCIA wireless troubles on hp ze1210

Michael Brailsford
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PCMCIA wireless troubles on hp ze1210

I am running gentoo 1.4_rc2 and I have a Linksys WPC11 v.3 wireless card. I am able to get it up and running, I can access the internet through it, but after a few minutes it freezes the entire computer. I have narrowed it down to a problem with bus timing problems with the O2 micro OZ6912 CardBus bridge. I am trying to see if anyone else has this problem with wireless pcmcia cards with the OZ6912 bridge. The PCMCIA-Howto says that I should tweak the bus timing parameters when loading the i82365 low level module for the CardBus bridge. Has anyone done this and had success? If so, would you please let me know what settings you used to get it working correctly? That will be much faster than trial and error. Failing a response I will post my findings so that others can get pcmcia wireless cards working on this bridge without any troubles.

Matt Ingram
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Re: PCMCIA wireless troubles on hp ze1210

I have a similar problem. I have a WPC54G pcmcia card that barely works with Windows XP Pro. I just got the Laptop back from HP with no explaination of what they fixed, but they didn't fix my problem. I can see the card, but it will not connect to the network. The card work excellent in every laptop I have ever tried it in. The only difference I can see is the OZ6912 pcmcia controller.
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Re: PCMCIA wireless troubles on hp ze1210

i've the same with my ze4415EA + WPC54G ! no solution yet.

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Re: PCMCIA wireless troubles on hp ze1210


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