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PRM Memory Usage Configuration

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PRM Memory Usage Configuration

Hello all,

I am trying to use PRM to allow a minimum amount of memory for a single GROUP ID. Initially, I added a SHARED_MEM line to my prmconf file as below


When I verified the file it insisted that PRM memory details were also required. I then removed my PRM_SYS group and added the below


I thougtht the the PRM_MEM entries would ensure 1% of entire memory was available for groups OTHERS, and TES at peak times. However, when applied I got the below

Memory Memory
PRM Group PRMID Entitlement Max
OTHERS 1 50.00%
TES 2 50.00%

PRM Group PRMID Shared MBs
TES 2 100

It looks like a max of 50% has been allocated to the groups ?

This is running on 11.31 Itanium SuperDome partition.