PSP 7.91 and RHEL4

Jo De Troy
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PSP 7.91 and RHEL4

I was trying to install PSP 7.91 on RHEL4 with the script. I get the message:
No supported bundle XML file found to use for this installation.
In the relaese notes it says RHEL4 is supported, so what am I doing wrong?

Venilton Junior
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Re: PSP 7.91 and RHEL4

Are you sure that have u downloaded the file correctly?

Now the download is splitted in three files:

File name: bp000339.xml (14 KB)
File name: psp-7.91.rhel4.linux.en.tar.gz (112 MB)
File name: psp-7.91.rhel4.linux.en.tar.gz.md5sum (65 Bytes)

And u must download all of them to install it correctly.

Jimmy Vance
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Re: PSP 7.91 and RHEL4

You don't need to download all three files. the .xml file is inside the tar file and the md5sum file is just a checksum.

Once you untar the file, you need to change directory to compaq/csp/ where the install shell script is located before you run it.

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