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PSP 7.91 on Redhat 4.6 - SMH login problem.

Occasional Visitor

PSP 7.91 on Redhat 4.6 - SMH login problem.


Running PSP 7.91 - Redhat 4.6 64bit
and using ldap authentication.
Can no longer login to SMH 2.10.186
previous version from psp 7.70 worked fine,
Has any one else come across this problem/fix
If I downgrade just the SMH it can the login again??

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: PSP 7.91 on Redhat 4.6 - SMH login problem.


Wait for a version of PSP certified on RH 4 update 6.

Since the update is two weeks old, there is no way the Q&A people at HP have gotten to working these kinks out.

I will note though that all our PSP systems updated with our internal yum repository to 4.6 continued to function normally.

Can we have an error message please? /var/log/messages

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Occasional Visitor

Re: PSP 7.91 on Redhat 4.6 - SMH login problem.


Nothing in /var/log/message but in /opt/hp/hpsmh/logs/smh.log

WARNING LOG (severity=1) Mon Dec 10 12:46:01 2007

User:fred from was DENIED access to System Management Homepage