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PWGRD Process.

Super Advisor

PWGRD Process.

Hi Team:

Are there any known issues running pwgrd process. Is it recommended to turn it off?? Environment 11.0, nis

Tom Geudens
Honored Contributor

Re: PWGRD Process.

If you have specific issues/problems, you could take a look at PHCO_24586 to see if those have been solved.

Hope this helps,
Tom Geudens
A life ? Cool ! Where can I download one of those from ?
Respected Contributor

Re: PWGRD Process.

hi i don't understad you problem. If pwgrd use a lot of cpu, you can stop it using this steps:

1) /sbin/init.d/pwgr stop

2) modify /etc/rc.config.d/pwgr and
set the value of the variable PWGR=0. This will disable pwgrd
from starting on boot.


you can install the pwgrd cumulative patch PHCO_24586


Kristopher March
Regular Advisor

Re: PWGRD Process.

Does it make any sense to use this feature if you only 2-3 users connecting in to your system?

I'm not opposed to turning it off if it's generally used for a high volume of users logging in/out.

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