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Password length

Mehmood Ansari_1
Occasional Contributor

Password length


How do I define password length. I changed passwd as ABCDEFG1234 which is 11 character, infact it is taking only 8 character. It is not showing any error massage that password length is exceed. One can login with first 8 character or all 11 character, which I understand is wrong. System is not converted to trusted . Any one can help me please.
Karthik S S
Honored Contributor

Re: Password length

For an untrusted system the max length of the password is only 8 characters. However on a trusted system it can be as long as 80 characters. You can define it in /etc/default/security.

From man security,

This parameter controls the minimum length of new passwords. It is not applicable to the root user on an untrusted system.

MIN_PASSWORD_LENGTH=N New passwords must contain at least N characters. For untrusted systems N can be any value from 6 to 8. For trusted systems N can be any value from 6 to 80.

-Karthik S S
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T G Manikandan
Honored Contributor

Re: Password length

For non-trusted system password length can only be 8.

For to make it more you should convert your system to trusted.

Then check for the patch PHCO_20334.

Then the parameter MIN_PASSWORD_LENGTH should be modified in /etc/default/security file.

Honored Contributor

Re: Password length


unless you convert to a trusted system, you will not be able to use passwords of length greater than 8!

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