Passwords for Web Agents - Stored where?

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Passwords for Web Agents - Stored where?

Hi All,

Where are the passwords for the Web Agents stored when the PSP for Linux is installed on Redhat EL 2.1 ? I want to be able to "clone" the passwords when i build a system so that the entire install can be hands off.

Steven E. Protter
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Re: Passwords for Web Agents - Stored where?

I've watched this question languish for hours.

This is not acceptable, but I guess its better than nothing.

Also, since you are a new poster please read this post.

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Steven E Protter
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Re: Passwords for Web Agents - Stored where?

Thank you very much for the advice Steven :)

I've tried searching on this topic (and the topic of how best to use the PSP in general) for a while now without being able to answer my questions 100%. I wish there was a "best practices" guide for the PSP showing real world scenarios for deploying and maintaining the hardware whilst running RHEL.

I'd really like to be able to talk with Michael Garner as I have seen in other posts he is one of the developers of this product and would be able to help answer my questions very quickly. I'd really like to have a clear strategy on the PSP stuff before we start putting out more servers, i'd hate to be still trying to devise a strategy after we have rolled out 300 boxes.

Thanks again for your assistance :)
Michael Garner_1
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Re: Passwords for Web Agents - Stored where?

We've devised the Linux PSP so that you can script the install via an input file. In the PSP User's Guide, there is a section on how to put together one of these files. It is a general text file that allows you to set the various SNMP and Web Agent password data. The format of the file is:


To use the input file during installation, just use the "--inputfile filename" option when calling the install shell.

./install???.sh --inputfile /var/hp/hppldu.cfg -s

The above would do a silent installation (-s) and use the /var/hp/hppldu.cfg file for the configuration data.

If you set any value, it is used during the installation. If a value is not set, then it either defaults or is not used.

If you don't want to create the inputfile, you have the option with our next version due out in early December to do either a "No-User Interface (NUI)" or GUI install on a server and be prompted for the values. After the values have been entered, you'll be asked if you want to save the data in the /var/hp/hppldu.cfg file with root-only access. We'll write out the values in a file for use either in re-installing the server later, or to use in scripted installations for other servers. In this way, you can setup an installation and verify it works on one server and then use the configuration file generated to drive the installation for other servers.

BTW, the filename can be anything you want when you create it. We just use hppldu.cfg as our default name.

The file must only contain configuration data for the Web Agent passwords in order for the health driver (hpasm) and Compaq/HP Web Agents to install properly.

I'll see if I can put together a best-practices section in both our PSP User's Guide and the Linux PSP readme file (hppldu.txt - new in the December release) to help with possible installation scenarios.

If you have any feedback regarding how to make the Linux PSP a better product, let me know.

If you have additional questions, please post your e-mail address in this item and I'll contact you directly to see if I can address them.

Michael Garner
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Re: Passwords for Web Agents - Stored where?

Thanks Michael.

I do have a couple of other questions on the PSP stuff. I can be reached at