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Patch information

Juan Manuel López
Valued Contributor

Patch information

When I have to install an aplication, there are several patch requirements.
For example, how can I find out on which more recent patches is include the patch PHSS_21947 ?
Thanks in advance.
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Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: Patch information


Use the ITRC, search for the patch in question and it will show you if it has been superceded or if there are other pre- or co- requisite patches as well.


Justo Exposito
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Patch information

Hi Juan,

Other chance is If you have an HP support contract, you only need to call to HP and they tell you and send you the patches.


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Clemens van Everdingen
Honored Contributor

Re: Patch information


Both other answers are Ok !

PHSS_26262 is the superseding patch for the one you mentioned !

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James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Patch information

Hi Juan:

I hear you asking two questions. First, to see if PHSS_21947 has been superseded (replaced by a more recent patch), go to the ITRC Patch database (via Maintenance and Support -> Invididual Patches) and select the patch for download. When you do this, click on the Patch's description. You will note that this particular patch *has* been superseded* by PHSS_26262 or PHSS_24303.

The second question, I believe you are asking is in which standard patch sets is this patch contained. One way to answer this is to examine Maintenance and Support -> Standard Patch Bundles -> View Support Plus Releases and look at the contents (patch descriptions and IDs) of the various support bundles.


Trusted Contributor

Re: Patch information

I always use ITRC first, just go to

and search the patch you are looking for.