Pavillion ZE4500 Flicker Problem

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Gerry Feeney
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Pavillion ZE4500 Flicker Problem

The display on my ZE4500 starts to "jump" and flicker (Radeon IGP320 M).as soon as my machine boots. If I route to an external monitor all is well ! If I then open an Office documentthe disply is perfectly stable until I insert a graphic (same in Powerpoint) then all hell breaks loose!!! and the dreaded "flicker" starts. If I thought that a new display would solve the problem I would have one fitted - could this be a driver / bios / someother type of problem ?
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Pavillion ZE4500 Flicker Problem

Sounds to me like a hardware problem.


External monitor works.

Only happens on graphics.

Though I will hedge my bets and say there have been many,many,many problems with your machine and Linux concerning video drivers.

I recommoned you update the driver, do a bios update if available and have the machine checked by hardware service for a pending failure.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Gerry Feeney
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Re: Pavillion ZE4500 Flicker Problem

Hi Steven,
Many thanks for your speedy reply ... much appreciated !. Forgot to mention that about six weeks ago (in a fit of desperation !) I downloaded a new driver that was referred to as ??? beta version ???? believe it or not after installing his drive the screen display stopped flickering for about two weeks then for no apparent reason it started up again !!! Is there any way that a mortal such as myself could check if the screen is faulty ?
(In the meantime I will take your advice re driver and Bios (have not a clue as to how I update bios !)