Pavillion drops connections

Ted Frazier
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Pavillion drops connections

I can't keep my Pavillion online except at home with my primary connection. If I try to connect wireless or through an ethernet cable I'll get the connection and it will periodically drop me.

I can connect via WIFI sometimes at cafes and the like but I set up a router at home and it identifies the network but won't connect at all. (It's not a WEP issue, I have no security set up). I have a different wifi router that I can connect to. That's the only connection I am able to get and maintain. IT's very frustratioin



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Mike Gough
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Re: Pavillion drops connections

Hello Ted,
Troubleshooting each connection drop has to be treated separately for each connection being addressed. So first the 'Ethernet Cable' connection:

First: Ethernet cable connection drop:
What are your symptoms of this ethernet cable connection drop? What do you see on the screen (exactly & where on the screen) that indicates to you the connection has dropped?

Next: WiFi connection drop:
Ouch! this one is much more complicated.
I have a Pavillion zd7140us with a protracted WiFi problem, including recurring but not too frequent connection drops. The built-in WiFi adapter on this notebook is a 'Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN adapter.
HP support has not 'fixed' the problem and I don't think they can without a design/build change on the notebook model - but thats just me.
If your internal setup is similar then maybe my experience would help you; then re-post with details/specifics and lets see.

Connection drop issues must be trouble-shot by verifying setup &/testing all the specifics end-to-end including:
Notebook items: model, OS, patch level (Microsoft & hp), WiFi NIC model, WiFi driver Mfg & Version, WiFi driver patch level, WiFi NIC Utility S/W in use (model & Revision, Setup specifics on OS, WiFi NIC, WLAN on the OS,
Your Wireless Router specifics including: Mfg., model, revision, setup specifics,
Your WiFi electromagnetic environment: site survey results. Each site is different.

About the overall WiFi notebook -to- router setup details that you may require, thats specific to your notebook and the router models. I would have to know more and details and (preferably) a trained tech needs to be there. I recommend you take both devices 'in' to your tech support people for the setup, or register for a wireless course or equivalent. In protracted situtions, it is that complicated.
best wishes, Mike Gough, BEng., CCNA, CCAI