Pavillon hdx 9480 & Linux

Stefan Krause_1
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Pavillon hdx 9480 & Linux

Dear all,

(I know and accept that this notebooks is not certified for linux - but that won't stop me ;-)
Is there anybody who has some experiences with linux on one of the pavillon hdx notebooks (hdx 9480, hdx 9350)?
I managed to install Ubuntu and all vital functions work (3D graphics, audio, wlan, standby), but it would be cool to hear other people's experiences.

Steven E. Protter
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Re: Pavillon hdx 9480 & Linux

Shalom Stefan,

Ubuntu is the most hardware friendly Linux I have ever found. It was able to do this installation uncertified hardware.

Fedora Core releases were not able to handle Pavillions.

Steven E Protter
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Stefan Krause_1
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Re: Pavillon hdx 9480 & Linux

The one thing currently missing the most is a handy way to control the brightness of the display.
I've found that I can set some(!) values in /proc/acpi/video/C150/C164/brightness
It seems that 58 65 72 79 86 93 100 are values that work fine. Other (especially lower) values make the display flicker.

It's a bit frightening to do such low level things. Any ideas if it's safe or is there a better way?