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Peoplesoft Application Server

Rpger Tavener
Occasional Advisor

Peoplesoft Application Server

We are experiencing very high CPU utilization on a 4 way 650Mhz , 6GB RAM rp5470 with HPUX 11i running the Peoplesoft 8 App server. We have a load testing tool that simulates the number of expected users.
When we simulate 100 users the CPU utilization stays at 100% on all cpus. Has anyone
run into this? We were told that this config would support
more that 100 concurent users.
Thanks for your input!
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Steve Steel
Honored Contributor

Re: Peoplesoft Application Server


Do you have these patches


Steve Steel
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Trusted Contributor

Re: Peoplesoft Application Server

Your configuration looks good, it should be enough to support PS, 100 users is not a big number.

My suggestions are:

1. try to use top or glance+ to find out which process is occurring the cpu, and identify what is that process for? Isolate the cause.

2. ask PS to see whether they have any known issue for your specific environment.

Good luck!