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Performance on ORACLE 8.0.6 !

Ivan Azuara
Regular Advisor

Performance on ORACLE 8.0.6 !

Hi !!

I have the ORACLE 8.0.6(64 bits) version on HP9000/K580 with HP-UX/11.00/64 bits. My dba told me if exist one problem in the server. I run the glance and always see the activity of memory to 98-99 %, and CPU and Disk 12-23 %. That??s a big difference between the levels of performance (only exist databases of ORACLE on the server). I??m triying to find something that can help me to reduce the use of memory on the server.

My problem is someone kernel parameter, patch , i??m confused !

Attach the exit of "kmtune and the content of the init.ora file.

If somebody can help me.

Best regards !
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Honored Contributor

Re: Performance on ORACLE 8.0.6 !


Change the value of "dbc_max_pct" to something lower, say 10%.

Do a search on the forum with keyword as oracle and performance and you'll get a lot many suggestions.

Hope this helps.

Honored Contributor

Re: Performance on ORACLE 8.0.6 !

Helen French
Honored Contributor

Re: Performance on ORACLE 8.0.6 !


Attached file has the requirements - patches, kernel parameters, tuning - for Oracle 8.0.6 in HP-UX

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Krishna Prasad
Trusted Contributor

Re: Performance on ORACLE 8.0.6 !

Looking at your init.ora file

I would increase SGA

the following is an examble for some of our small oracle systems.


The aboved OS kernel change for dbc_max_pct will also help. You then change bufpages to 0.

Also how much memory do you have on the box?
What kind of disk do you use? RAID?
How big is your Oracle Database?
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Bill Thorsteinson
Honored Contributor

Re: Performance on ORACLE 8.0.6 !

It appears your database are thrashing in memory. Run the vmstat command to see wether you are swapping. If you are then, have the dba reduce the memory requirements of the database. Likely parameters to cut are
DB_BLOCK_BUFFERS and SHARED_POOL_SIZE. The databases will have to be restarted to reduce the memory requirements.

Once all the databases fit in available memory then database performance should improve. I typically try to use about 90% of available databases and standard processes.

Volker Borowski
Honored Contributor

Re: Performance on ORACLE 8.0.6 !


64Bit machine and only DB_BLOCK_BUFFERS set to 100 ! This is much too less memory for oracle.

Since DB_BLOCK_SIZE is not found in this file, you need to select the value for this from V$PARAMETER in oracle. The actual memory used will be


If you assume a default of 8K, you just reserved 800K for oracle data area. If your db_block_size is 2K it is just 200K.

DB_BLOCK_BUFFERS has to be increased. If this server is dedicated for database use, I recommend 50% of physical memory to be assigned for db_block_buffers as a first shot

Use the rest to increase SHARED_POOL_SIZE and LOG_BUFFER.

Increasing from 100 DB_BLOCK_BUFFERS will give you a real boost !