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Perl DBI for HPUX 10.20

Perl DBI for HPUX 10.20


I have downloaded the Perl DBI source code from internet. However, i sadly found out that gcc for HPUX 10.20 is not anymore available.

Does anybody could point me out where i could find the Perl DBI module binaries for HPUX 10.20 ?

Thanks a lot!

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Stefan Farrelly
Honored Contributor

Re: Perl DBI for HPUX 10.20

You can download the source for gcc and compile it on 10.20 (using the built in HP C compiler) from
Its not hard to compile on 10.20

Youre right though, no 10.20 bundle for gcc on the HP porting centre. how strange. I have a copy in a depot but thats no use to you.
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