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Pivot Like Software for Linux?

John Allard
Occasional Visitor

Pivot Like Software for Linux?

I have an HP L2335 monitor connected to an xw9300 with RH Linux.

Does anyone know of a way that I can get Pivot functionality for the monitor to work with RH?

Re: Pivot Like Software for Linux?

I dont know much about RH, but in general You need:

- XFree >=4.3
- X Resize And Rotate (RANDR) >=1.1
On Debian I have the "libxrandr2" package.
- A graphics card driver which supports RANDR. The properatry driver from ATI for example doesnt support it. The OSS version does.
- The definition of the supported resolutions in Your X config.
- For KDE there is support in the control center and a tray applet named "KRandRTray".