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Possible from ES3 upgrade AS3 ?

kevin leong
Frequent Advisor

Possible from ES3 upgrade AS3 ?

Dear Expert ,
Possible redhat ES3 upgrade to AS3 ?Because I bought the AS3 support from redhat (for renewal).May I know how to upgrade it ?Or i need to fresh install again ?

If WS to AS or ES isn't possible as well?

Please advice

Jarle Bjorgeengen
Trusted Contributor

Re: Possible from ES3 upgrade AS3 ?

Hi LeongKO,

you don't need to change anything except from the "redhat-release" package.

This package contains only a text file that says "hi I'm RH-AS " (or ES or WS) (/etc/redhat-release)

You have to make sure that RedHat Network knows about the change, because that is the only real difference between ES and AS , namely the packages available from RHN.

It is possible that you need to unregister and register to make RHN update available channels.
Frequent Advisor

Re: Possible from ES3 upgrade AS3 ?

We just did this same upgrade.

Install the redhat-release package from AS, then run rhn_register and register that host. It will then show up on the AS channel.
There are ZERO technical difference between ES and AS... That was from a RedHat person.