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Powerbroker and DNS server

Super Advisor

Powerbroker and DNS server


I understand that powerbroker (root access) access needs some DNS server functioning properly. I mean unix server should point to working DNS server. Is it possible to configure power broker with /etc/hosts file as a failover. I mean in case DNS server fails to resolve the server name and it should resolve through /etc/hosts.

Is there any mandatory configuration of DNS server with powerbroker server ?

Appreciate any suggestion.

Honored Contributor

Re: Powerbroker and DNS server

I hope hostname resolvation is done based on /etc/nsswitch.conf files hosts: entries. It's needed to have DNS support always.

You can configure /etc/nsswitch.conf file as,

hosts: dns files

so that it will lookup /etc/resolv.conf and /etc/hosts also.

Easy to suggest when don't know about the problem!
Andy Torres
Trusted Contributor

Re: Powerbroker and DNS server

I've had to troubleshoot PowerBroker errors involving DNS resolution. Usually, as long as the HP-UX components of name resolution are in place and orperating correctly, PowerBroker operates correctly in that regard.

To answer your question specifically, no, the server doesn't have to be pointed to a seperate working DNS server. Assuming this server is its own pbmaster (its own hostname is set as the submitmasters and acceptmasters in the pb.settings file), the nsswitch.conf file should be as described by Muthukumar.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Powerbroker and DNS server

As mentioned above,

/etc/nsswitch.conf is the place to configure this.
man nsswitch.conf will give a lot info.

Best of luck
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Powerbroker and DNS server

If there are any questions concerning the reliability of your DNS server then don't use DNS as your first hostname resolver. Use files first (populate the /etc/hosts file with important/common hostnames) then DNS. If a DNS server goes down, you'll experience LONG delays getting past the DNS server to use the hosts file. Edit nsswitch.conf to put files first, then DNS.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Trusted Contributor

Re: Powerbroker and DNS server

Yes, check the nsswitch file to point which way to lookup IP's or Hostname. Also the resolv.conf file will determine what order of DNS server you will resolve to first.